• Root Impact

    We are Changemakers for Changemakers

    Root Impact is a for-purpose organization founded in 2012, supporting Changemakers who are mainly social entrepreneurs based in Seoul, South Korea. The mission of Root Impact is to encourage Changemakers (especially Social Entrepreneurs) to realize their purpose. Root Impact envisions the world where everyone can make a real change. In order to help young social entrepreneurs and Changemakers who endeavor to bring positive changes in the world, Root Impact is building a vibrant community of Changemakers based on co-living and co-working spaces, providing learning experiences for future Changemakers and social entrepreneurs, and supporting social entrepreneurs and Changemakers to develop business acumen by offering a series of pro-bono services in legal and financial consulting.


    A better world where everyone engages in resolving issues in its own way.


    Support people with good will to realize their vision.

  • Our Belief

    1. Everyone has the good-will and potential to make the world a better place.

    2. The fundamental means for this change is to inspire people to transform their awareness and behavior.

    3. Changemakers who realize their good-will in society will affect others and the more people influenced by their work will ultimately resolve social problems.

    4. The activities and businesses of the Changemakers should be successful and sustainable in order to draw behavioral changes from more people.

  • What We Do

    Since Root Impact was founded in 2012,

    we have been trying to redefine how the Changemakers work, live and learn.

    Background and Opportunities

    Young Changemakers in South Korea are facing many obstacles in building capacities and acquiring social capital as the economy enters a low growth trend. Moreover, financial instability and anxiety keep them from pursuing their social mission. In order to help them resolve this problem, Root Impact provides a sustainable and encouraging environment to the Changemakers by enhancing sustainability, building capacity and community.



    Our Business

    "Work Scape"

    Building a vibrant community of Changemakers based on co-working spaces and shared services



    - Pro-Bono Legal Service

    - Financial Consulting

    "Life Scape"

    Building a vibrant community of Changemakers based on co-living spaces and community café


    - D-well

    - Oneul Salon

    "Learn Scape"

    Providing learning experience for future Changemakers and social entrepreneurs based on vocational programs


    - Impact Basecamp

    - Impact Career

  • Whom We Work With


    Root Impact has built strategic partnership with leading companies. With our partners, we share a genuine belief in Changemakers, and together we will further the plan to make the world a better place.


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