Providing learning experience for future Changemakers and social entrepreneurs


    A project based problem-solving training for future Changemakers

    Real Problem from the Field

    The social venture, whom we call Challenge Partner, presents the most realistic and up-to-date problem from their daily business to the trainees. The trainees, who are mostly college students, develop the solution based on lessons and feedback from the mentors.


    Education partners, social entrepreneurs, employees in the social sectors, and various others mentors will help the participants design their career path.

    Post-training service

    The trainees get involved in the Changemakers’ network and get inspired by them. They receive information about jobs supporting social entrepreneurs and Changemakers, and learn of potential opportunities to enter the field.


    An internship program benefits both social ventures and trainees


    Root Impact’s wholehearted support with the recruiting process, ranging from applications to interviews, helps the hiring process become effective. The recruiting information is available to the public through various communication channels, attracting more talented people with diverse backgrounds.

    Matching Platform

    The program provides a matching platform to supply and demand in human resources of social ventures. The young Changemakers who are pursuing their professional careers in the sector are given an opportunity to participate in four-month long vocational programs. It consists of an one-month vocational education and a three-month internship at a prospective social venture.

    Collective Education

    The young Changemaker participants are learning vocational skills that are required in the sector. In doing so, the program contents reflect the on-the-spot voices and needs of employees and CEOs in social ventures who aim to solve real business problems every day.

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