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    Building a vibrant community of Changemakers based on co-living spaces and community café

  • D-WELL

    A share house for Changemakers

    In 2014, D-WELL launched the first share house and currently operates two co-living houses in Seongsu-Dong, Seoul, which is also known as Social Venture Valley. Both buildings used to be 2-4 multifamily houses that were renovated to accommodate more than 20 Changemakers.


    It is the first opportunity for them to create synergy by sharing a living space. The community managers of Root Impact employ a thorough selection process, because we believe that finding the right residents should be the critical first step to making the co-living environments synergistic. So far, 41 residents have been selected to join the share houses and they have created vibrant communities. They include social entrepreneurs, NGO/nonprofit leaders, artists, designers and school teachers tackling global and local issues, including legal service inequality, distribution of agricultural products, and human rights in North Korea.


    Indeed, D-WELL allows the residents to stay focused on each social mission while simultaneously paying below market rent. The application process for new residents starts every 6 months when rooms become available.

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    Stories of D-well


    A community café and library for Changemakers

    Oneul Salon is playing a role of a community café for more than 400 Changemakers since its inception in 2014. As the name meaning “today” in Korean implies, Oneul Salon offers programs for like-minded people to be able to openly share ideas, resources, knowledge, and vision. During the day it is open to public as a café and to Oneul Friends members. In the night time, the managers of Root Impact organize networking events and education programs, including the “1% Salon”, a talk-show for people dreaming of a world improved by just 1%, or “Solution 101”, a workshop for sharing ideas and case studies on subject matter relating to social innovation, or “Monthly Q”, an in depth group study about a selected book.


    The library is co-located in its basement where warm library lighting enables people to focus on reading and contemplation. Root Impact operates this library with no human supervision or any membership fee with the belief that the changemaking culture spreads through reading and exchanging ideas. Currently the number of total registered active members are about 200. It is significant that the books are not organized following the traditional Dewey Decimal System. Rather, the library elected a creative Anti-Dewey system demanding insight to encourage soul-searching of Changemakers to look within and make changes where needed. The library membership has three tiers from “Papyrus, Gutenberg and Kindle” that have different benefits in numbers and days of book rentals.

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