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    Building a vibrant community of Changemakers based on co-working spaces and supporting Changemakers by offering a series of pro-bono services


    A Share office for Changemakers

    In June 2017, a share office HEYGROUND opens its 8-story (B2-8F, 6,000m2) building for 500 social innovators to work together. Various social ventures, NGO/nonprofits, supporting organizations and freelancers can casually interact and communicate in the same office building.


    HEYGROUND is certainly the first co-working community space for this large population of Changemakers in Seoul. Root Impact designed and developed the building and 24 potential tenant firms (who are also social ventures) collaborated in the building process since March 2015. Each month, we work with these 24 firms on major topics from community building to work cultures to make HEYGROUND the greatest work environment in Asia, which has been a meaningful step for everyone to have a common understanding and sense of belonging to the changemaking community.


    HEYGROUND should be a starting point for those who want to experience the changemaking culture, a launchpad to scale up social ventures for sustainable growth, and a collective movement to collaborate in social innovation as a global community.


    → Visit HEYGROUND page


    PRO-BONO LEGAL SERVICE: A shared service partnering with two prominent law firms

    Root Impact has partnered with two law firms, Ji-pyeong and Doo-ru. When social ventures inquire online about legal services, from contract to copyright law, either one of the law firms provides legal advice based upon their expertise. Root Impact coordinates and facilitates the inquiry process by delivering the questions on time and ensuring the advice provides the necessary answers to the social ventures


    FINANCIAL CONSULTING: A shared service with a group of Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    Root Impact has partnered with 4 pro-bono CPAs to provide financial consulting services to 4 social ventures in the form of a pilot project. It employs a need-based consulting framework. When the social ventures disclose the difficulties in business operation, the team of pro-bono CPAs tries to identify the root cause, find a solution, and internalize the process as a business-as-usual. By implementing the pilot projects, the social ventures are expected to build management and financial capacities.

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